Want a good reason to choose HOS? With HOS you save directly on housekeeping costs. This can be achieved through both our competitive rates and unit prices, which we alter often. With HOS you control your spending with organization. Only the work that is performed by HOS employees will be charged. No occupancy? No costs. Our unit prices includes:

  • Recruiting, selecting and hiring staff.
  • Teaching, training, and any extra schooling that might be needed.
  • HOS uniforms
  • Payroll
  • Planning, service, and on-site inspections

Unlimited services for a limited price

For every hotel is of utmost importance to determine the costs of housekeeping, especially within this uncertain economy. This should be done without compromising quality or reliability. HOS can play a very important role therein. With our concept ‘unlimited services for a limited price” HOS strives to keep clients completely satisfied. In other words, lower costs and better service. Enquire about the options or fill out the contact form today.