A hotel should be able to rely on staff to know what exactly is expected of them. Our people are trained to achieve the highest standard in hotel cleaning. They are the ones who maintain by HOS’ standards in cleaning, and are expected to accomplish this. Training takes up to fourteen days, depending on the type of hotel where the employee is placed. Topics that will be discussed include:• personal appearance

  • personal appearance
  • house rules of hotels
  • dealing with guests
  • entering a hotel room or apartment
  • what to do with lost & found objects
  • Knowledge of cleaning

A room attendant who is fully trained in practice, is employable in Green care line.

Green care-line

When it comes to environmental entrepreneurship, HOS has been a leader in this field from the start. As one of the first cleaning companies in the Netherlands, we work exclusively with environmentally friendly products, known as the Green Care line. These products meet the requirements of the well-known Green Key label.